Nylon Machined Parts by Sentinel Plastics


Nylon and its sub-straits

Nylon is from the synthetic polymer family known as Polyamide.  Probably, the most well-known of Engineering Plastics. Having excellent wear properties for slide and bearings.

Oil filled and glass filled grades are available, commonly known under trade names Nylacast® and Nylatron®.

Our Nylon Machining takes place on not only the well know grades of Nylon 6 (PA6) and Nylon 66 (PA66), but also, PA12, Glass filled, and Oil filled.

Nylon Milling & Nylon Turning

Computer numerical control Plastic Machining, or CNC Machining, is the automated action of Material removing from a Plastic Part. Importantly, our Plastic CNC Machining Services are available utilising our vast range of CNC Machines and in-house Engineering Plastics Fabrication capabilities. Our top brand name Machines can achieve high standard finishes and sizes of Milled & Turned Parts every time.  We keep High Quality standards which form Part of our ISO9001.

Nylon Sustamid 6 FR (PA6) DIN EN 45545-2:2013

A Nylon material, which meets the relevant requirements of the new European Rail Vehicle Standard DIN Fire Retardant Plastic Materials

Thus, allowing for the production of various-sized machined nylon FR components and, component parts in small piece numbers. While also,  at the same time, the material possesses a high degree of stiffness, tensile strength. As well as, good sliding and wear properties with, simultaneously outstanding corrosion and chemical resistance. All of which are fundamental material part characteristics for use in rail, aerospace, construction, plus many more critical manufacturing industries. Engineering Plastics → About us → Sentinel Plastics Ltd

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