PCT Engineering LTD Sheet metal fabricators based in Staffordshire

16 May 2016

News posted by Expired User

PCT Engineering LTD have been longstanding members since 2010. Their success has been unimaginable, winning over £200,000 worth of initial orders via the Qimtek membership service.

Director James Rigby joined the membership, as the cost of going out on the road to secure sales, “was astronomical in comparison to the price of the membership”. He has been kind enough to pass on advice for others looking to join: “If you have any spare capacity, and feel you are competitive in your market, then you have nothing to lose.”

Their biggest achievement to date has been securing two long term customers who have gone on to spend over a million pound each in repeat work. They continue to make longstanding relationships, as a direct result of their pro-active approach to winning projects. “We find better success if we quote within 48 hours.”

James Rigby – April 2016