Plastic Engineering from Sentinel Plastics Ltd

Plastic Engineering Company

To begin, it's important to stress, Sentinel Plastics Ltd emphasis, and strength, is on the importance of being a plastic engineering company that offers a comprehensive, custom engineering plastic component parts, specialist supplier. Thus, able to manufacture customer specific component parts to customers exacting requirements. Moreover, manufacturing these parts from many of the huge range of materials available to the customers design teams.

Essentially, the company have the latest CNC machinery. Plus, up to date, state of the art cad cam software and modern tooling. All of which, enables Sentinel to produce excellent surface finishes, whilst working to the tightest tolerances the material allows. Also, always happy and able to produce and quote for components using anything from 2D hard copy drawings through to 3D cad models.  Lastly, also able to reverse engineer from existing parts or samples.

Certainly, as a Plastic Engineering company, machining plastic UK can be very different to working metals. Thus, can require a very different approach in terms of processes. Example, tool selection, cutting paths, numbers of passes, cutting speeds, pecking, reaming and multiple other factors.

Specialised in all 'and only' Plastic Parts Manufacturing

Customers can be assured, as Sentinel works solely with plastic, they have a focus that gives an edge over its UK competitors. Certainly, those in the metal machining. And, companies who concentrate on specific types of plastic material, do not have the broad capabilities that Sentinel does.

What Makes us so Good?

Simply put, knowledge! Knowledge gained by experience. Secondly, dedication to customer requirements, client satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do.

At Sentinel Plastics Ltd, we are an ISO 9001:2018 certified CNC Machining Plastic fabricator. By partnering with us for their plastic machining needs, our customers benefit from our:

  • Importantly, over 30 years of experience in cnc machining plastic manufacturing.
  • Knowledge of specialized plastics, as well as, all engineering and industrial plastics.
  • Impressively, large capacity and technical competence.
  • Sub assembly manufacturing capabilities.
  • A concentration on only plastics, avoiding confusion with metals.
  • Flexibility, offering quick turnaround and late modifications.
  • Finally, the very best competitive cost-effective pricing.

These are, just some, characteristics allowing us to meet your needs, even for some of the most difficult design challenges. Also, critically forming lasting relationships with our industry clients.