Positive positioning with angular adjustment

Positive, but easily adjustable, angular positioning of equipment, especially relatively heavy items, has always been a problem - until now! The Elesa solution is their GN187 serrated locking plates. These allow positive location at 6° intervals - ideal for items such as heavy inspection covers where they could be dangerous to an individual if it came loose. Similarly, for chair adjustment or other equipment needing positive locking on a regular/frequent basis.

The GN187 serrated locking plates are in black nitrided steel or stainless steel and feature four variant configurations to suit almost any application - for example centre tapped fitting, twin tapped holes, twin scroll pins or cap screws, and they are available in sizes from 22mm up to 40mm dia.

Clamping can be by centre machine screw but for faster and easier adjustment an Elesa adjustable clamping handle can be used in conjunction with thrust springs for a more easily controlled action. Further information on Elesa (UK) Ltd products may be found at: www.elesa.co.uk