Sweet Maker In Salmonella Scare

12 Nov 2007

News posted by Shannon Dumper

Confectioner halts production in the UK because of fears that a batch of Brazil nuts at its Leicester factory has been contaminated. But the company says none of the product had left the plant

Fox's Confectionery has insisted thereĀ is no danger to the public after it emerged that it had halted production at a plant after discovering salmonella there.

The maker of Fox's Glacier Mints and other sweets insisted that no contaminated products had got out.

Company spokesman Tim Roberts said salmonella had been discovered at a factory in October. The company said in a statement it believed a batch of Brazil nuts at its Leicester factory was to blame.

It had shut production on four lines and began a testing and cleansing programme under supervision of the Food Standards Agency and the regional office of the Environmental Food Team and hoped full production would be resumed by this week.

'We want to reassure all of our customers once again that no affected product whatsoever was released and that stocks on retailers' shelves are completely safe,' chief executive Mario Giannotta added.