TRUMPF at TCT 3Sixty, 8th & 9th June 2022, NEC on Stand no GU10

MULTIPLE, DIVERSE APPLICATIONS SHOWCASED …. by the world’s only single source supplier of additive manufacturing technology

TRUMPF, which has been at the forefront of laser metal fusion and deposition technology for many years, will focus on the huge scope of its additive manufacturing range at TCT 3Sixty 2022. Its machines and systems are used for producing a wide spectrum of parts from large structural components for the aerospace, automotive and energy sectors down to complex medical implants and dental components. 

Uniquely, all elements of the TRUMPF machines and laser systems are produced in-house; the lasers for the TruPrint range are manufactured in the UK by TRUMPF, Rugby.  Not only does this allow UK customers the best combination of features for any given application but it also ensures the systems are fully optimised and integrated to give customers a clear competitive edge.

The TRUMPF laser metal fusion range comprises four TruPrint machines, the latest of which is the medium format TruPrint 3000. Using powder-bed-based laser melting, this 3D printer can fabricate parts up to 400mm tall and up to 300mm in diameter.  It is designed to meet the quality and production-line requirements of various industries and can process all weldable materials including steel, titanium and aluminium; application examples will feature on the stand.

An exciting development is the ability to equip the TruPrint 3000 with a second laser which almost doubles its productivity while significantly reducing part costs. Two 500W lasers work in parallel across the machine’s entire build chamber making production much faster and more efficient, regardless of the geometry and number of fabricated parts.  Where required, each complete contour of the largest parts can be scanned by a single laser eliminating seams and guaranteeing optimum part quality.

Visitors to TCT 3Sixty 2022 will also learn how TRUMPF has combined two products, its TruPrint 1000 with the TruDisk 1020 laser, to create the TruPrint Green Series. This unique combination of green laser and additive manufacturing makes it possible to 3D print highly reflective materials such as pure copper, copper alloys and precision metals. 

Another new option in the TruPrint 1000 Series of 3D printers is a model that prints dental prostheses automatically in multi-shift, lights-out operation. It is a solution designed to help dental labs avoid bottlenecks during peak orders and works approximately ten times faster than milling.  It automatically produces dental restorations in multiple layers, up to 400 teeth in one piece.

These developments demonstrate how the ever-expanding breadth of TRUMPF additive manufacturing technology gives manufacturers the freedom to design and produce whatever they need. It enables structural components with the highest material requirements to be produced, coated and repaired and elaborate shapes and individual components to be manufactured fast, flexibly and cost-efficiently.  And not just in one-offs or small batch sizes but right up to volume production.