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ISO 9001 Aprroved  Plastic Engineering Specialists, Bedford

British Mica offers a complete service in the supply of most types of engineering and insulating plastics. Machining, profiling, presswork, fabricating and polishing are all carried out to a high standard. Materials used are of mainly British and European origin and can easily be traced back to source for certification purposes, including British Standards, NEMA, Admiralty, MIL-P, DIN, AFS. 

The company has considerable experience in dealing with the more usual materials such as Tufnol, Nylon, Acrylic, PVC, and has specialist skills in machining and fabricating the glass filled and similar high temperature plastics which are used in the electronics industry.

Since we at British Mica are stockists and fabricators and not manufacturers, good commercial advice on the correct selection and application of plastic materials is always available.


British Mica have available ex-stock and a wide range of Engineering Plastics and Laminates in a variety of shapes and sizes. Stock shapes are held in both metric and imperial sizes.

Stock shapes are held in both metric and imperial sizes. Materials stocked include

  • NYLON 6 & NYLON 66
  • PVC
  • PTFE
  • PES
  • PEEK
  • PETG
  • PE
  • MICA

A cutting service is available for all stock shapes and sizes. Blanks are supplied either as precision cut panels or as blanks for finish machining. Goods are usually despatched within 24 hours of order. Materials are of UK and European origin so Certificates of Conformity or full traceability is available upon request.

British Mica is able to offer a complete service for all aspects of fabrication using welding, glueing and forming techniques.  Raw materials are stocked to avoid shortages, and the company can arrange the procurement and stock control of "bought-in" components.  For on-going production runs, manufacture can be geared to suit clients' call-off patterns.  Fabrication of Acrylic, Polycarbonate and PVC is carried out by the company to manufacture Machine Guards, Windscreens, Flowtanks and production line safety screens for food processing and other mass production industries.

MOULDING:: Hand Laminating

British Mica produce a large variety of GRP handlay components.  These range from the "Brimico" low smoke fire retardant systems, to UV resistant panels and covers. A full range of finishes and colours may be achieved, replica stone finishes are also available. The marine, food and architectural industries are supplied. 

:: Glass Fibre Laminating
British Mica manufacture a wide range of components and finished products using hand lay glass fibre laminating techniques.

Products range from industrial machine covers (Ling Cover), Wind Turbine Covers (Airforce 1), Marine (Avon & Rib-X), and architectural.

Covers are made in a wide range of glassmats depending on their application, and can be coloured matched to any RAL colour. The GRP can be engineered to suit applications such as fire protection, structural covers, or simply as a cosmetic cover.

British Mica make all tooling in house, to maintain cost and maintain quality.

::Compression Moulding
British Mica stock and process dough and sheet moulding compounds. Components, produced in a closed mould, are within a weight range of 0.5 to 15kg. Good dimensional accuracy is achieved and items may be finish machined where necessary.

Tooling costs are low compared to injection moulding, so small and medium sized quantities are economic. All tooling is made on site to ensure that quality and functionality are maintained.

A full range of material specifications and applications are available from the sales office together with advice on any proposals. Colours may be colour matched to existing schemes although a full range of B.S. and RAL standard colours are available. Typical components produced by this method include domestic appliance casings, speaker cabinets, missile nose cones, fire and electrical insulators also stone and decorative interior parts.

Food contact grades are also available. 

British Mica offer a full machining service for production of components, either as one-off's, quantities or repeat batches. Our factory is equipped with CAM and CNC machine tools to ensure that the fine tolerances and repeatability are achieved.
Parts range from simple drilled items to complex assemblies.  Sizes up to 8x4 feet can be accommodated.

Many differing industries regularly benefit by using the services offered by the company, including aerospace, food, printing, oil, gas, water, electrical, defence and optical.


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