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Rapid treatment quotes extended

18 Feb 2019 by Engineering Capacity

Wallwork Group has extended its rapid online aerospace heat treatment quoting system into commercial heat treatment and also hard coatings and vacuum brazing.

Keeping corrosion in check

18 Feb 2019 by Engineering Capacity

Following on from the addition of its fatigue testing facility, William Hughes has added salt spray testing to its range of quality control procedures.
Salt spray or salt fog testing exposes springs and other components to a saline fog environment in order to ascertain the corrosion resistance of the material of which they’re made or the surface coating thereof.   A controlled saline situation will show how long it takes for a component to accede to rust or other oxides, if indeed it succumbs at all. 

Midlands focus on electrification

18 Feb 2019 by Engineering Capacity

A group of Midlands manufacturers has set its sights on taking a share of the expected £300bn spend on vehicle electrification.

The Manufacturing Assembly Network (MAN), which is made up of eight subcontract manufacturers and a specialist design agency, is already supplying components to 10 projects focused on battery development and electric motors and is expecting this figure to more than double over the next twelve months.

Engineering at your service

18 Feb 2019 by Engineering Capacity

By adopting a servitization model – with 10% of customers buying machining on an hourly rate – MNB Precision Engineering is in a strong position to benefit from an upturn in oil and gas.

Since taking the reins of the business in 2012, brothers Luke and Elliot Benton have helped MNB Precision to come back from the brink through a focused business strategy.

EDM for fir-tree profiles

18 Feb 2019 by Engineering Capacity

A new wire erosion machine at Derby subcontractor Promach 3D is producing fir-tree profiles on special tooling for a critical aerospace application.

The Sodick ALC 400G is its second machine from Sodi-Tech EDM and has been purchased to boost capacity and keep up with customer demand.

24-hour aerospace machining

18 Feb 2019 by Engineering Capacity

Middlesex Aerospace is investing in 5-axis multi-tasking machines and a horizontal machining centre with an expanded tool storage system that will allow 24-hour unmanned operation.

The machines represent a seven-figure investment and will be supplied by Yamazaki Mazak.

Factory floor graduates

18 Feb 2019 by Engineering Capacity

The UK’s first ‘Faculty on the Factory Floor’ celebrated its largest graduation recently, when 29 students received their BEng and MEng qualifications.

A joint collaboration between Coventry University and Unipart Manufacturing, the Institute for Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering (AME) saw its second cohort graduate in style, with many of the industry-ready engineers going into high-profile jobs at the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), Wipac Ltd, Precision Castparts Corp and Unipart.

The age of industrial intelligence

12 Feb 2019 by Engineering Capacity

Under the banner “Integrated Industry – Industrial Intelligence”, Hannover Messe 2019  will show how man and machine can work together during the next stage of digital transformation.

From 1 to 5 April 2019 in Hannover, Germany, exhibitors will show that digitalization is the future of manufacturing – but in the form of assistance, not competition. Thanks to technologies such as automation, strength-boosting exoskeletons and augmented reality, factory workers will be more productive than ever.

Machining links with lasers

12 Feb 2019 by Engineering Capacity

Laser drilling and marking specialist ES Precision is now offering a subcontract service that also includes machining.

Alongside its laser systems it also has a mix of manual lathes and two XYZ ProtoTRAK controlled mills.

Composites take on cancer

12 Feb 2019 by Engineering Capacity

Radiotherapy expert Elektra has chosen TRB lightweight structures as a top supplier for a revolutionary new cancer treatment system.

Elektra’s latest innovation, the Elektra Unity, combines real time magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with a radiotherapy beam produced using a linear accelerator (LINAC).

Elektra says that this combination of technologies enables you to see and track the target, including changes in tumour position, shape and biology, and provides the real-time information needed to respond immediately—all while the patient is on the table.

Forward-looking investment programme

11 Feb 2019 by Engineering Capacity

Coventry-based aerospace subcontractor Arrowsmith Engineering has installed four new Doosan Lynx lathes and a Doosan DNM machining centre and is examining future automation using collaborative robots.

The new machines were installed at Arrowsmith’s 20,000 square foot facility in the latter half of 2018.

Fabricators add waterjet

11 Feb 2019 by Engineering Capacity

Precision fabrication specialist LTi Metaltech has installed new Ridder waterjet cutting machine at its Abingdon factory.

Complementing existing capabilities, the new waterjet machine provides crucial extra capacity to serve newer growth areas of LTi’s business, in addition to its ongoing cryogenic work for long-time client, Siemens for its MRI machines.

Launchpad for innovation

06 Feb 2019 by Engineering Capacity

Subcon is introducing a new initiative, the Launchpad, which aims to give entrepreneurs and startups a kick-start.

The Launchpad and associated Launchpad Awards at this year’s event will give them the opportunity to share their innovations with thousands of engineering and manufacturing professionals with the power to influence and guide them to future success.

Galvanisers charging ahead

05 Feb 2019 by Engineering Capacity

Following new investment and appointments, ane of the UK’s longest-established hot dip galvanizers, is targeting new opportunities in the agricultural, transport infrastructure, street furniture and utilities markets.

Despite a challenging year due to rising zinc costs, Halesfield-based Corbetts the Galvanizers has managed to make the most of its quality processes and quick lead times to secure a number of new contracts that are making the most of the larger galvanizing kettle it installed in late 2017.

Plant plastic for green tattoos

05 Feb 2019 by Engineering Capacity

Great Central Plastics has launched a plant-based plastic alternative that is being used to supply sustainable vegan tattoo inks.

The material is being used by Green House Tattoo Supplies - the world’s first company to offer a plant-based range of tattoo supplies, and the new material is an alternative to the fossil-fuel based plastics currently used.

Non-ferrous facilities added

05 Feb 2019 by Engineering Capacity

Blackhill Engineering, the heavy engineering division of SC Group, has added non-ferrous production facilities at its Exeter based site.  The company has also announced that it has been certified to the latest health and safety standard.

The new facilities expand Blackhill’s capability in fabrication and machining for specialist markets and represent the first stage in the development of a high grade stainless steel facility.  This forms part of a new facility investment plan totalling 35,000sqft to complement the existing 28,000sqft facility.

Post-Brexit stockpiling hangover?

05 Feb 2019 by Engineering Capacity

Contingency planning is one thing, but could your stockpiling add up to a post-Brexit hangover? Mark Waterman of Vendigital asks the questions.

UK manufacturers have stepped up their stockpiling activity recently, leading to a welcome, if unexpected, upturn in manufacturing output, according to the latest statistics. Could this increased focus on contingency planning mean some suppliers are heading for a significant post-Brexit hangover?

Bringing hypercar to a halt

30 Jan 2019 by Engineering Capacity

Tamworth-based Alcon Components has purchased a turnkey machining cell to produce lightweight aluminium monobloc brake calipers for a new hybrid electric hypercar.

High performance alloys added

30 Jan 2019 by Engineering Capacity

Protolabs has added high-performance Inconel and Maraging Steel alloys to its direct metal laser sintering offering for rapid prototyping and functional end-use parts with complex geometries.

Inconel 718

As a nickel-based heat resistant alloy, Inconel 718 is high strength, corrosion resistant and can be used at temperatures between -252°C and 704°C. Its high-temperature strength is derived from its ability to create a thick, stable passivating oxide layer at high temperatures, protecting the material from further attack.

Cobot tooling with carbon fibre

30 Jan 2019 by Engineering Capacity

Injection moulding specialist Rutland Plastics is using tough carbon fibre filled Nylon to 3D print tooling for collaborative robots.

Rutland Plastics, which produces parts for industries such as medical, consumer goods and utilities, has recently sourced a Stratasys Fortus 380mc Carbon Fiber edition from SYS Systems, a UK platinum partner for Stratasys.

The East-Midlands-based business has employed in-house 3D printing since 2012, but its latest upgrade is allowing it to break new ground in collaborative robotics.