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Greening your product packaging

22 Jan 2020 by Engineering Capacity

Innovation is making plastic packaging greener says the MD of one of the UK’s leading plastics manufacturers.

James Woollard, Managing Director of Polythene UK writes: Wherever you look in the news, environmentalism is present. Flicking through the pages of a print newspaper or scanning online news outlets reveals daily stories looking at the environmental crisis and the ongoing changes to the planet.

New MD for Broanmain

22 Jan 2020 by Engineering Capacity

Dorking-based Broanmain Plastics has appointed Jo David as its new Managing Director. She takes the helm at the precision and technical plastics injection moulding company this having led operations at the family business since 2018.

Aiming for European top spot

22 Jan 2020 by Engineering Capacity

Irish sheet metal and machining specialist Inishowen Engineeering is investing €30 million in expanding its facilities, including setting up a three-machine fibre laser cutting cell.

Inishowen Engineering's owner and managing director Michael McKinney explained, "Underlying this latest round of investment is our diversification from concentrating mainly on the agricultural, quarrying and mining sectors to supplying firms manufacturing materials handling and transportation equipment, including forklifts and multi-purpose tractors.

Transit casting work to double

21 Jan 2020 by Engineering Capacity

Production of cast and machined Ford Transit transmission components at MJ Allen Group is set to double by Spring this year.

A substantial proportion of MJ Allen Group's more than £30 million annual turnover comes from gravity die casting and machining the aluminium main case, intermediate and cover for a modified transmission that goes into the all-wheel-drive (AWD) version of the Ford Transit van.

More electronics investment

21 Jan 2020 by Engineering Capacity

Newbury Electronics continues to invest, adding a selective robotic conformal coating machine, a new nickel gold line plating line and opening up new employment opportunities.

Despite the continued uncertainty surrounding the future direction of the country and a contracting manufacturing market, Newbury Electronics is bucking the trend by generating record sales and continuing to invest in its facilities and services.

MAN reaches £75m milestone

21 Jan 2020 by Engineering Capacity

As Adam Cunningham of Muller Holdings takes over as Chairman as the MAN network celebrates reaching £75m of collaborative sales.

The Manufacturing Assembly Network (MAN), a collaboration of eight West Midlands-based sub-contract manufacturers and an engineering design agency, has just secured a new order as a result of joint working, taking its combined efforts to over £75m of sales generated since it was formed.

Buying into more business

14 Jan 2020 by Engineering Capacity

Roant Precision Engineering has just taken over its biggest customer – securing machining work for the future and providing a base for further growth.

Recognition for Unipart MD

14 Jan 2020 by Engineering Capacity

One of the West Midlands’ leading female industrialists, Carole Burke CBE has been awarded an honorary degree by Coventry University.

Carol, who is Managing Director at Unipart Manufacturing Group, was granted the title of Doctor of Technology in recognition of her pioneering work in setting up the Institute of Advanced Manufacturing & Engineering (AME) over five years ago.

Wirecut adds precision

14 Jan 2020 by Engineering Capacity

Precision machining subcontractor Duckworth & Kent (Reading) Ltd  has invested in a new wire erosion machine that will reduce set-ups required, improve quality and repeatability, and allow unmanned overnight operations.

The new machine is a Sodick VL600Q model, its first from that manufacturer, supplied by Sodi-Tech EDM.

The company to undertakes everything from prototype projects and the development and manufacture of special purpose machinery, through to small batch and full production piece-part machining.

Clean packaging wrapped up

14 Jan 2020 by Engineering Capacity

New cleanroom facilities mean that European thermoformer TEQ:Plastique can now offer a range of medical packaging products from its facilities in the UK and Poland.

Designed, built and commissioned by pharmaceutical cleanroom experts, the facilities are certified to ISO 13485: 2016, suitable for the production of precision-made and custom thermoformed medical packaging.

The cleanrooms, located in Nottingham and Poznan, are designed to meet medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers’ most rigorous packaging requirements.

Subcontract market falls in Q4

14 Jan 2020 by Engineering Capacity

The Contract Manufacturing Index (CMI) for the final quarter of 2019 showed a further deterioration in the UK subcontract manufacturing market. It fell 23% from what had already been a poor third quarter. Overall the market was 56% down on the final quarter of the previous year.

The index was it its lowest levels since it was first published, falling to 66 compared to the baseline figure of 100 which represents the average value of the subcontract market between 2014 and 2018.

Charging ahead on EVs

07 Jan 2020 by Engineering Capacity

Coventry-based Sarginsons Industries has won the contract to develop revolutionary charging points for electric vehicles – which could turbo boost the take up of greener cars.

The company, which traditionally supplies aluminium castings to a range of sectors including automotive and energy, is diversifying its business after becoming the sole supplier to Char.gy.

First electric vehicle contract

07 Jan 2020 by Engineering Capacity

Metal contact and precision stampings specialist Samuel Taylor Limited (STL) has secured a significant contract to support vehicle electrification, a first for the Redditch manufacturer.

STL manufactures precision stamped components and assemblies, specialising in the bonding of bi-metals within the development of battery busbar technology. Developing this technology for electric vehicles represents an area of significant potential growth for the company.

Hard duty for F-35 coating

06 Jan 2020 by Engineering Capacity

Hardide’s specialised aerospace ‘A’ surface coating has been chosen for use on components for the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter.

Following extensive testing, Hardide-A coating has been approved for use on drag chute components for the F-35A CTOL (conventional take-off and landing) variant being manufactured by Lockheed Martin. For these specific components, Hardide-A is being used in place of HVOF (high velocity oxy-fuel) thermal spray coatings.

Right ingredients for plastic parts

06 Jan 2020 by Engineering Capacity

Reliable barfeeders and low frequency chip management have helped Plastic Turned Parts (PTP) doubled turnover in the past four years.

In that time it has invested over £750,000 in six new CNC turning centres. Of the six new machines, five were supplied by Citizen Machinery – four Cincom sliding-head lathes and most recently a Miyano fixed-head model.

Spring acquisition

06 Jan 2020 by Engineering Capacity

Lesjöfors AB has acquired Northampton-based Metrol Springs Ltd, a manufacturer of tooling gas springs, special purpose gas springs and a wide range of standardised.

The company also offers linear actuators and a range of industrial hardware. 

A large proportion of its sales are via catalogue and it serves a diversified customer base in the UK, Europe, the US, and Asia, including industrial and automotive customers. 40% of its £7m annual revenue comes from exports.

Real-time data puts Jota in control

06 Jan 2020 by Engineering Capacity

A PSL Datatrack Status Board display system at Jota Advanced Engineering has brought a new dimension to its business by giving visual real time information on its key production functions.

Providing CNC machining capabilities into the wider motor racing, aviation, power generation, scientific and medical sectors, as well as internally to other Jota divisions, it uses multi-axis turning centres with live tooling and five-axis machining centres, to work to very tight tolerances, often in difficult to machine materials.

Welding hits the spot for city van

06 Jan 2020 by Engineering Capacity

William Hughes has come to the aid of an automotive seat manufacturer, providing a spot-welded grid assembly to complete an under-seat storage unit for a market leading city van.

Such an intricate part had to meet stringent criteria for robustness and aesthetics, while assuring ease of integration into the under-seat structure.

European first for MRT

18 Dec 2019 by Engineering Capacity

Andover-based aluminium diecasting and machining specialist, MRT Castings, has taken delivery of the first first Brother Speedio R650X2 machining centre to be installed in Europe.

Supplied by Whitehouse Machine Tools, the 30-taper machine is equipped with twin pallets carrying 4th-axis trunnions as well as Blum workpiece and tool probing to ensure accuracy of machined parts.

Eye-opener for metrology visitors

18 Dec 2019 by Engineering Capacity

Live demonstrations, hands-on challenges and multi-sensor measurement systems new to the UK were the highlights of OGP UK’s 2019 open house, attracting dozens of visitors through the doors of its Innovation Centre in Foston.

The FlexPoint – the only co-ordinate measurement machine featuring multiple high-accuracy sensors in a VersaFlex cluster head – proved a major draw, as did the advanced Fusion 350 system and ShapeGrabber Ai620, a metrology-class 3D scanner capable of rapidly assessing complex surfaces with a high density of data points.