Specialists in precision laser cut profiles from sheet or metal plates. 

From Stainless to Aluminium, Titanium to Brass, we cut all manners of metal to order.  We offer precision laser cutting solutions by industry experts. Laser 24 offers fast, reliable and affordable laser cutting services to UK businesses.  Cutting edge technology means rapid results using best-in class laser cutting machinery to produce quality parts at affordable prices. 

For more information or to find out more please contact us on sales@laser24.co.uk or call us on 01268 733 883.

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.Laser Cutting

Our high-power lasers produce custom cut materials for industry use.  Backed by heavy technological investment and optimised by lean production costs, we can provide premium quality laser cutting solutions on a range of materials, including steel, aluminium and brass at highly economical prices. Our team deliver prototypes, samples and full production batches to suit all manner of requirements.

Using our innovative onsite equipment – including our brand new ByStar 12kw Fiber Laser which runs alongside our 10kw– we can produce the precise metal cuts you need at an incredible speed. Plus, our in house programming department can create your parts with you in a suitable format if you have no drawing or CAD capabilities.

Whether you have a one-off job, or you need an affordable, reliable laser cutting solution for ongoing engineering or construction work, get in touch with the team today for your quotation to kickstart your project.

Nationwide delivery

Thanks to our dedicated transport division, we can deliver precisely cut parts to any UK location.  We also work closely with professional same day and overnight courier companies to ensure you can meet all your production deadlines.

Press Braking

Press braking involves bending and folding metal sheet materials to create bespoke parts for industry.

At Laser 24, we use the high speed Bystronic Xpert 80 for our customers’ press braking requirements. This is a compact and versatile machine that offers a wide range of applications, enabling us to bend and manipulate parts to your precise specifications.

Investing in such forward-thinking technology has allowed us to grow exponentially into one of the UK’s leading press braking specialists. Our commitment to developing reliable, fully controlled manufacturing processes means we benefit from competitive cost savings that we pass onto you. Enquire now for your same day quotation from Laser 24.

Hand Drawing

Let us create accurate, professionally hand drawn plans for your laser cut parts.CAD/CAM Drawings

We use cutting edge CAD/CAM software to turn concepts into purpose-built products.

STP Drawings for Bending

We can import or calculate accurate data to produce custom bent materials if required.

Drawing and Cutting Advice

Need help bringing your parts to life? Allow our team to guide you through the process.


Specialists in providing laser cut and folded parts to the construction, engineering, automotive, aerospace, architectural and food manufacturing industries.


ByStar 12kw Fiber Laser

It doesn’t get any better than this! Offering consistent cuts with an impressive finish, this fiber laser cutter is truly in a class of its own. The ByStar Fiber 12kw cuts even the thickest of metals with ease and can handle large batches and high-volume jobs faster than ever before.

This state-of-the-art metal cutting machine from Bystronic can be powered by nitrogen, oxygen and now air, and can handle mild steel with a thickness of up to 25mm. Stainless steel and aluminium materials up to a thickness of 30mm will also pass easily through this equipment.


Laser Cutting Automation

A revolution in fiber laser cutting automation, the Bystronic ByTrans Extended allows our team to optimise loading and unloading times for a more efficient process.  The ByTrans Extended allows us to process jobs faster, deliver cuts with more accuracy, and follow a more automated machine system that relies on less input from the machine operator.


Xpert 80 Pressbrake

One of the newest additions to our arsenal, the Bystronic Xpert 80, boasts some of the highest folding speeds in the industry. It’s an accurate, wonderfully economical press brake that has transformed the way we deliver – and price – our press braking services.  What’s more, the machine has been developed to reduce electric power consumption by up to 30% during use compared to other industry equipment, which ultimately results in further production cost savings for our customers.



Control is central to our performance. Our state-of-the art software enables us to plan and monitor every aspect of our laser cutting and bending processes onsite.  

BySoft 7 Plant Manager - This game-changing tool enables our team to pre-plan and manage every aspect of production from an intuitively designed touchscreen. Plant Manager draws in job data from a variety of sources and links it with CAD data to create a custom programme.

BySoft 7 CAD/CAM System - With its powerful 3D CAD capabilities, this system is used to calculate accurate cutting plans and bending processes, while delivering a comprehensive overview of production to our team, so they have the data they need to make well informed production decisions.

ByCockpit - With ByCockpit, we can analyse and visualise vital data to keep our manufacturing processes as cost-effective as possible. The software enables us to monitor the performance of our laser cutting machines quickly and in real-time from any mobile device.

SolidWorks - Our staff can now work infinitely smarter thanks to this innovative CAD/CAM design software from Dassault Systèmes. SolidWorks enables us to get parts to production faster whilst keeping a close eye on the finer details.


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United Kingdom
Number of employees
10 - 30



    Mild Steel
    Stainless Steel
    Carbon steel


    ISO 9001
    CE Marking


Covid-19 Update

06 Apr 2020 by Laser 24 Ltd

Safely Supporting You

Given the current landscape we know how important it is that your projects proceed without delay.  You can rely on Laser 24's high speed laser cutting and pressbraking solutions to make that happen.

We're continuing with our operations and our team are fulfilling your orders safely and quickly.  From our machine operators to our delivery staff, the team are taking the necessary precautions to minimise the risk of transmission and help you meet your deadlines.

Laser 24 Gains ISO 9001:2015 Certification

27 Aug 2019 by Laser 24 Ltd

We are proud to announce we’ve been awarded the ISO 9001:2015 certification! This is an internationally recognised standard that guarantees a company’s products and services meet the needs of customers through an effective quality management system. We passed our last audit with flying colours and are excited to share the news.

The journey to becoming ISO 9001:2015 compliant

Advantages of Laser Cutting

05 Aug 2019 by Laser 24 Ltd

Laser cutting has massive advantages over alternative metal cutting methods, providing the precision and power that helps businesses produce results on an unprecedented scale! As a constantly developing field, laser cutting only continues to offer more benefits as it grows. Latest technology means you can get the best quality cut, at rapid speeds and at an affordable price…

Transforming Production at Laser 24

09 Apr 2019 by Laser 24 Ltd

Why We Invested in a Second 10kw Laser at Laser 24

We recently took delivery of our second Bystronic ByStar 10kw Laser. It's an exciting investment for Laser 24, and one that keeps us at the forefront of the laser cutting industry.  Our Director, Iain Summerfield, has outlined why we made this investment, and just how much it will benefit our customers:

"As a subcontractor, we need the best machine in the marketplace. The Bystronic 10kw Fibre Flat Bed Laser is that machine, so much so that we bought TWO!"

Benefits of Qimtek

19 Mar 2019 by Laser 24 Ltd

When Laser 24 first joined Qimtek, we were sceptical about the value it would add to our growing business, but keen to try different ways to gain new customers. We set ourselves a target to win orders and cover the cost of the membership in 3 months. We surprisingly achieved this by the end of week one and gained valuable new customer contact information. We spent months in 2018 trying to win work with one new customer, but could not get past the front door. Quoting via Qimtek allowed us to not only get the right contact information, but also win their projects and produce their parts.