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Plastic Engineering Solutions specialize in bespoke engineering solutions in thermoplastics, which can reduce your production costs whilst still maintaining the quality you require.

Our key skills comprise of re-engineering metal to plastic, bespoke consultancies to solve your engineering problems and short run components manufacturing.

Is the cost of your current metal components reducing your profit margin?
Would it help to talk to a design engineer with a proven track record in converting costly metal assemblies into cheaper plastic injection mouldings?
Are your plastic injection moulding deliveries sometimes delayed, causing you problems?
Could you use a high quality UK supplier, delivering precise volume ordering to guarantee your component stock levels can keep up with demand? Maybe to support your main Far East supplier?
Would you rather talk to an engineer than a sales person?

An experienced and specialist thermoplastic engineering company could address these important issues for you.

Plastic Engineering Solutions Limited (PES) has over 20 years experience in the plastic injection moulding industry and aims to meet your requirements in terms of manufacturing expertise, general engineering management and quality, as well as cost reduction.


PES can provide specialist skills and services in the following areas:-

Re-engineering from Metal to Plastic - to substantially reduce your business costs

Engineering Consultancy - to allow your company to embrace latest technologies

Short Run Component Manufacturing - to ensure your business retains augmentation

Technology Transfer - to build valuable links with leading industry experts

As a PES client:

You will be able to enjoy cost savings of up to 50% through careful consultation regarding product design and material selection, without sacrificing quality
You will have access to specialist engineering skills to enable your company to continually embrace new technologies and retain your competitive edge
You will have piece of mind that even if your international supply chain fails to ship required components, you have a local supplier who can retain augmentation for your business
You can take advantage of the close relationships PES has with leading research groups to bring not only our expertise, but also the input of world experts and the latest technologies

As your engineering foundations are reinforced, so your business will benefit from contributions wider than purely financial. As a result you will be able to lead your business forward more confidently to a better and more secure future.

Product design

Prototype and Production

Tool making




Pcb, Pcba s

And turn key Electro-Mechanical assembly


Unit 4 Hercules Way
Bowerhill, Melksham
SN12 6ZE
United Kingdom
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