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TMX Engineering Ltd is a precision engineering subcontract facility that can offer a variety of services to suit our customers' needs and pride ourselves on being a ONE STOP SHOP solution for our clients. We endeavour to prioritise customer satisfaction with our communication, expertise and quality. We can offer CNC milling, CNC turning, 3d printing as well as all other associated engineering processes such as component finishing, welding, plating and assembly.


TMX Engineering has years of CNC milling experience, we can produce simple or complex parts at very competitive rates with being extremely flexible with lead-times. We have the ability to machine parts from a vast array of materials including stainless steels, aluminium's, ferrous & non-ferrous metals as well as plastics.
As well as machining parts from solid metal/plastic billets, we also have experience machining various castings and forgings to very tight tolerances.
TMX Engineering has the ability to produce low volume turned parts to high volume production parts at competitive prices. With both semi-automatic CNC lathes and fully automatic turning centres, TMX has everything to satisfy our customer's requirements.
We can carry out breakdown repair work as well as high production turning for our clients, parts are machined to exacting quality standards in super quick time. We also have larger capacity machines for billet machining ensuring that TMX is truly a one-stop shop. 
3d printing is a perfect way to prove your models and designs before entering into full production. A prototype made this way can be produced in a just couple of days and in some cases just a few hours. TMX Engineering has invested in this new technology to support our customers with a rapid prototype service, but beyond this, we are finding that some of our customers have complete production runs using this method.
The accuracy achievable as well as the quality of finish that is possible has opened up this technology as a viable option. 3d printing sits between very expensive one-off machined prototypes and full production moulded parts that can cost tens of thousands of pounds just for the dies and tooling alone.
We have the ability to help design your models and walk you through the whole design to production process.

Low Cost Outsourcing
Our belief is that the UK contains some of the most skilled engineers and gifted designers that you could wish for and with clever engineering, we can achieve close to "low cost" prices for most applications. However, if your project is heavily cost driven, we at TMX Engineering can access our network of incredibly reliable, high-quality overseas partners to source your products at the very best prices available.


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