How To Produce a Great Company Video

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Videos are fast becoming one of the best ways to promote your business and attract new customers. The rewards are there for the taking for companies who invest in an effective company video, as they're a great way to advertise your capabilities and increase engagement with your prospects. However, the content of your video is just as important as having one in the first place, meaning that it's worth spending the time and effort to get it right and make sure that your video portrays your company in the best possible way.

So what does a great company video entail? Here are some ideas for you to consider:

Make Sure Your Video Is Good Quality:

Make sure that you have the setup in place to produce a quality video.

Before you even consider the content of your video, make sure that you have the setup in place to produce a quality video. This means investing in a good camera, lighting and - if you're planning on recording voiceovers or interviews - a microphone. These are the building blocks for a professional video - at best, viewers will quickly turn off if the video or audio quality falls short, or at worst, it may harm the credibility of your company.

If you have a bit of a budget behind you, it may be worth considering hiring a specialist company to film and edit your video. This ensures a high quality end result without the hassle of having to research and purchase equipment. If you don't have much budget to spare then don't fret - your company video doesn't have to be a deadringer for a Hollywood blockbuster - it simply needs to live up to a certain standard of quality to be effective.

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Plan and Prepare:

It's best to include a range of formats within your video to keep viewers engaged.

Before you start shooting, have a clear understanding of what your company video will involve. It might be worth jotting down a scene-by-scene plan of what you want your video to look like, as well as any voiceover notes or subtitles. It's best to include a range of formats within your video to keep viewers engaged - luckily, the engineering industry lends itself very well to video format, due to the fact that there are lots of components and machines to show off visually!

Preparation doesn't just involve planning the video itself. Presumably, your video will include shots of your workshop or factory, which means that you might need to spend time making sure everything is tidy and clean before beginning to film. Remember - the aim of your video is to present your company as a professional organisation that buyers will want to partner with - an untidy or grimy shop floor will not show your company in the best possible light!

It's also worth briefing your staff members before filming to ensure that they know what's going on. That way you can ensure that everyone will be on their best behaviour while the cameras are rolling!

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Take Your Time Filming:

Producing a great company video takes time - you absolutely should not rush when filming.

There's no getting around the fact that producing a great company video takes time, which means that you absolutely should not rush when filming. If you're not sure about a particular shot, then don't be afraid to do multiple takes and choose from the best - it's better to have excess footage than using sub-par content just to make up the duration.

The same logic should also be applied to any voiceovers. Write a script ahead of time so that you have clear instructions on what to say and remember to speak slowly and clearly. If you fluff your lines, then simply start again until you get them right and you're happy with the result.

From a lighting perspective, you may also benefit from waiting until a sunny day before you start recording your video. Lighting has the power to completely transform your video and it's crucial not to underestimate its importance!

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Great Editing Goes a Long Way!

You can use many great, free programmes to edit your video.

Editing is where the magic happens! During the editing process, your video will come together into the final product, making it just as - if not more - important than filming itself.

You can use many great, free programmes to edit your video. If you use Mac, then iMovie will give you everything you need to get started; alternatively, Windows users may benefit from using software such as Lightworks. Whatever you use, make sure you pay attention to the details and don't rush the process - it's far better to take your time and be happy with the end result.

Editing doesn't need to be too advanced (unless you want it to be) - it's simply a case of making sure that everything is in the correct order and that your video 'flows'. Here is a quick checklist:

  • Has each clip been trimmed correctly?
  • Have you included transitions where applicable for seamless viewing?
  • Is the audio clear? If you're using voiceovers, have you lowered the volume of any simultaneous clips?
  • Do headings and subtitles appear in the correct places?
  • Are the headings and subtitles all spelled correctly?
  • Are you using music? If so, is it royalty/copyright-free?
  • Is there an intro/outro?
  • Does the video include your company's contact information?

Once you're happy with your video, it's a good idea to get input from your colleagues - a fresh pair of eyes may be able to spot mistakes or areas for improvement that may otherwise be overlooked!

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Share, Share and Share Again!

Videos make great marketing tools due to the fact that you can use them across all manner of platforms.

A company video will only work for you if your customers and prospects see it, which means that proactively sharing your finished video is absolutely crucial if you want it to be worth the time investment. Make sure to share it across your social media channels and consider embedding it into your website - this is very easily done if you're using Youtube or Vimeo to host your video and will mean that your website loading speed will not be affected.

Videos make great marketing tools due to the fact that they're incredibly versatile - you can use them across all manner of platforms! Why not include a link to your video within your email signature? Or include a QR code linked to the video within your printed literature? By sharing your video as much as possible, it will work wonders in building brand awareness and attracting new customers - even when you're not on the clock!


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