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This service is 100% free for buyers to use - this is because we are a supplier-funded network.

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Qimtek's sourcing service is specifically designed to help busy manufacturing buyers and design engineers to save time. We've created a bespoke platform for our buyers to upload drawings and track their projects, as well as to receive and respond to supplier messages. In addition, you can also access supplier reviews, allowing you to place your business with confidence. Start your project below or get in touch and we can help you.

Instant access to up to 300 suppliers...

We have a network of up to 300 UK-based engineering suppliers ready to quote your immediate work and long-term manufacturing opportunities. By simply uploading your project we can match you with the right types of supplier based on processes, approvals and location. 


Our suppliers can make your components out of almost any material!



Grade 1050 is the most common grade of aluminium sheet available in the UK, whilst grade 5251 is probably the second most popular grade of aluminium sheet used in the UK today. Our suppliers offer a wide range of services that cover all types of grades including 1000 series, 2000 series, 5000 series, 6000 series and 7000 series

Mild Steel

Mild steel is a ferrous metal made from iron and carbon. It is a low-priced material with properties that are suitable for most general engineering applications. Our suppliers can machine all types of mild steel including EN24T, EN8, S275JR, EN3B, rebar 500B, EN1A, A142, A193, A252 & more.

Stainless Steel

We can put you in touch with suppliers who specialise in manufacturing stainless steel parts. Two of the most commonly-used stainless steels are grade 304 and grade 316, but our suppliers can also manufacture items out of grade 303, grade 306, grade 309, Duplex 2205 & more.


We have a wide range of suppliers who can machine, mould or print plastic components from ABS, acetal, acrylic, nylon, foam, FEP, ETFE, polyethylene, polypropylene & PTFE.

Other Materials

Whilst the aforementioned materials are the most commonly-used when it comes to producing  components, we also have some suppliers who are capable of manufacturing using alloy steel, brass, bronze, cast iron, ceramics, copper, carbon steel, hastelloys, inconel, iron, nickel, titanium, wood & zinc.

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I have used Qimtek sourcing service several times, using a Non Disclosure Agreement and I must say, it works very effectively and does the job on sensitive projects. It saves us a lot of time as Qimtek collect the signed NDA's before releasing the drawings to potential suppliers to quote. I'm pleased with the responses coming back, and will be awarding my projects to Qimteks Supplier Members. I would highly recommend using Qimtek sourcing service with or without the nda, it's been successful everytime 

Design Engineer at Compak Ramps Ltd

"Qimtek offers a really good free service that keeps in touch with me when I need, and helps by sending information from possible suppliers, as well as finding additional suppliers (all within the UK) when my current supplier base can't manage the requirement. After having looked at similar services, the service offered by Qimtek is definitely the best in my opinion."

Buyer from Eskan Electronics Ltd

‘Working with Qimtek has been a very rewarding and beneficial partnership. We have managed to increase our supplier base significantly, which in turn, has enabled up to keep our customer’s lead times at a minimum. We started using Qimtek in 2017 and now worth of work with 10 different UK suppliers to date through the system. Using Qimtek means we no longer need to spend time researching and vetting suppliers - instead, we use this time to concentrate on other important tasks and I would definitely recommend using Qimtek.’

Buyer from Approved Hydraulics Ltd

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does it work?

Qimtek's sourcing service is designed to take the headache out of finding new engineering suppliers, making it a really simple way of sourcing for your subcontract projects. Simply upload your drawings using our online Drag, Drop, Source! service, or email them to Our sourcing account managers will then review your drawings and ensure that we have all the information we need, before compiling your project and sending it to relevant suppliers. From there, suppliers will contact you directly with their quote. The relationship is always kept directly between the buyer and supplier - we simply put you in touch with subcontract suppliers who can assist, saving you the time and hassle of contacting multiple companies individually.

Why is the sourcing service free?

Qimtek is supplier-funded, meaning that there is absolutely no cost to use our sourcing service. Our supplier members pay a flat monthly subscription fee to receive and quote for projects - we never charge manufacturing buyers for finding them new suppliers, nor do we take commission from either side on projects that have been awarded to our members.

My projects are sensitive...

Not a problem! Qimtek is a closed network and our members are forbidden from sharing information with third parties by our terms & conditions. However, if you need a bit of extra security, we can attach a non-disclosure agreement to your project, which members will have to sign and return before gaining access to the drawings. We can accommodate your company's own non-disclosure agreement, or Qimtek has a standard NDA which can be used if you prefer. 

Do the quotes come directly back to us?

Yes! Your contact details will appear on your project so that suppliers can submit their quotes to you directly. This allows you to get an impression of the suppliers firsthand before placing your business. We will also specify on the project how you prefer to be contacted, whether by email or telephone.

My project is urgent, how quickly can we expect quotes?

Most of the projects published through our network receive quotes the same day - however, this can vary depending on the process, material and approvals you require. Non-disclosure agreements can also slow the response rate slightly. We always recommend giving suppliers at least a week to quote so that you can thoroughly benchmark the responses you receive. If you decide to move forward with a supplier within that time, then no problem - you can simply close the project through your online account.