Advanced Engineering 2018

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Aerospace coatings for hip implants

14 Aug 2017 by Engineering Capacity

A coating system that enables light and strong titanium alloy to replace steel based bearings in landing gear on the Airbus 350 and 380 passenger jets could soon be used in human hip and knee replacements.

The Design Engineer’s Guide to Photo Chemical Etching (2)

14 Aug 2017 by Engineering Capacity

Albert Tsang, Technical Manager, Precision Micro, explains how unique characteristics can be designed into products manufactured using photo etching such as conical openings used to direct fluid flow and how the process can reduce development costs.

As a precision sheet metal machining technology, photo etching achieves exacting tolerances, is highly repeatable and in many instances is the only technology that can cost-effectively manufacture precision metal components with the accuracy necessary in demanding and often safety critical applications.

Surge in demand for emergency alloys

11 Aug 2017 by Engineering Capacity

Alloy Wire International (AWI), which supplies high performance alloys, has sealed a number of new contracts after an significant increase in demand for its ‘Emergency Manufacturing Service (EMS)’.

The 100% employee owned company has completed 12% more EMS orders in the first half of the year than in the whole of 2017.

The company has received urgent orders from customers in aerospace, nuclear and oil & gas, all looking to receive their wire made to specification in 3 to 5 days.

Robot boosts welding capacity by 30%

11 Aug 2017 by Engineering Capacity

Full-service sheet metal manufacturer, Malton Laser, has increased its welding capacity by 30% following its investment in an advanced robotic welder.

Malton Laser invested in the two station Panasonic Tawers MAG 1600WG Welding Robot System in response to increased demand for precision welding projects.

The innovative robotic welder will undertake jobs for a number of high-profile clients, initially completing projects for one of the UK’s leading boiler manufacturers.