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Laser and waterjet capability

26 Apr 2017 by Engineering Capacity

Proform, a new sheet metal subcontractor that has opened on the Wirrall, brings together the engineering expertise of two businessmen - Ian Hazlehurst and Russ Canner.

Top quality performance

25 Apr 2017 by Engineering Capacity

Contract Electronics Manufacturer, Cogent Technology says it has achieved unsurpassed audit results for the first quarter of 2017.

The company’s quality manager said these positive results are largely due to the fact that the firm puts continuous improvement at the heart of everything it does, which is fundamental in a competitive market.

Bright future for MIM in medical

24 Apr 2017 by Engineering Capacity

CMG Technologies is predicting a bright future for Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) in the medical sector with exciting growth opportunities available as new products are developed to cater for an increasingly aging population.

Rachel Garrett, managing director at CMG Technologies, said there is scope to develop the sector even further by using MIM, which is already popular for use in keyhole surgery, as well as devices used to manage diabetes, implantable devices and fracture/fixation applications.

Successful contract electronics manufacturing

22 Apr 2017 by Engineering Capacity

An electronics supplier says that the practice of working with Contract Electronic Manufacturing (CEM) or Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) providers is evolving to offer OEMS greater opportunities than ever before.

Steve Marshall, managing director of Offshore Electronics, said: “The CEM and EMS sector is evolving alongside shifts in technology and the growing demand for electronics products.”

State-of-the-art wire cutting

21 Apr 2017 by Engineering Capacity

A wire cutting expert has increased its capacity on the back of increased orders which it says is largely due to Brexit promoting a rise in demand for local and re-shoring projects.

To cater for demand, SIC Ltd has invested in a new state of the art Komax Alpha 530 Cutting Machine, as well as upscaling its older models to increase its capability.

The company said it’s the first in the UK to receive this machine and its customers will benefit from increased capacity, quality and faster delivery times.