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Solving puzzle productivity

24 Oct 2018 by Engineering Capacity

Dawson Precision Components (DPC) is supplying British engineered parts for thousands of 3-D revolving Revomaze metal puzzles.

The Greater Manchester engineering firm is manufacturing components for Revomaze developer Ashton Pitt Ltd, based in Cumbria, which sells the cylindrical mazes globally.

Players need dexterity, memory, endurance and self-control to unlock the metal puzzles. They have to avoid traps and stick closely to tiny walls and bridges to find their way out.

Information investment for aerospace

24 Oct 2018 by Engineering Capacity

Thomas Brown Engineering has invested in CNC communication and program management software to support competitiveness and growth in the aerospace market.

Sponsored Show Preview: Mecmesin universal testing machines

19 Oct 2018 by Engineering Capacity

Mecmesin, a British company specialising in force and torque testing equipment, will demonstrate their OmniTest universal testing machine and VectorPro MT materials testing software at the Advanced Engineering Exhibition in November 2018.

Designed to meet the diverse needs of both R&D laboratories and quality assurance environments, this new generation of universal testing machines offers enhanced performance and excellent value for money.