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State-of-the-art shot blasting

06 Mar 2017 by Engineering Capacity

Yorkshire-based Sherburn Metalwork Ltd, part of WEC Group Ltd, has invested in a brand new state-of-the-art shot blasting facility to improve lead times for customers.

The company said that bringing the shot blasting process in-house will significantly improve lead times for customers. It will also enable the company to pursue new business opportunities including volume orders and large batch quantities in a range of other industries.

Technoset steps up its capabilities

06 Mar 2017 by Engineering Capacity

Aerospace component manufacturer, Technoset, has increased its manufacturing capabilities in order to move further up the industry’s tiered supply chain.

New Wogaard Coolant and Oil Saver units are playing a large part in helping to improve the bottom line and clean up operations at the company.

Kevan Kane, managing director, said: “Even at the high-end of sophisticated parts that we produce for our customers there is still a need to look for efficiencies and enhancements. We are under constant pressure to improve the operation of the business.”

Boost for UK aerospace skills

03 Mar 2017 by Engineering Capacity

In-Comm Training has been chosen to help deliver a major boost to skills in the UK aerospace sector.

The training provider, which operates academies in Aldridge and Shrewsbury, has become part of a £320,000 EU-funded Erasmus+ AEERO (Aerospace Engineering ECVET Resources Online) project that will aim to create a suite of interactive online training resources.

Large tool production at Amtek

02 Mar 2017 by Engineering Capacity

Amtek Precision Engineers has invested in material handling solutions capable of safely moving the mould tool components parts each weighing up eight tonnes around its workshop and assembly area.

This has continued the company’s venture to make its facility in Devon ‘go large’. Its plant includes a high accuracy Mikron HSM 400 machining centre with robotic pallet loader and a Mikron 65,000 Graphite Master machining centre.

Mike Lawes, production manager, said: “It means we can extend the number of cavities within the tool for our customers.”

Steel fabrication expertise in the Antarctic

02 Mar 2017 by Engineering Capacity

A steel fabricator has lent its bespoke steel fabrication expertise to the Antarctic during the relocation of an important British Antarctic Survey (BAS) research station.

ECS Engineering Services lent its support to BAS during a massive project to relocate Halley VI Research Station 23km to a different part of the Brunt ice shelf.

Rob Butts, production manager at ECS, said: “To withstand the polar environment, we use impact tested S355K2 grade materials, galvanised to 140 microns. In some cases, we have also painted the steelwork."