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EDM for increased medical demand

20 Mar 2021 by Engineering Capacity

Crossen Engineering has installed a new spark erosion machine that is being used to produce mould and press tools for a range of medical projects.

The Sodick AD35L spark-erosion machine from Sodi-Tech EDM arrived in December last year.

Belfast-based Crossen Engineering is a full service provider, offering everything from component design and prototyping to complete injection moulding and presswork production. An upturn in medical work over the past 12 months created to need to install a new die-sink EDM.

Fabrication milestone in the can

20 Mar 2021 by Engineering Capacity

ECS Engineering Services has fabricated its 300th machine frame for an industry-leading can making machine – CarnaudMetalbox (CMB) Engineering's industry 5000 Series Bodymaker machine.

The machine frame was produced entirely in-house by ECS' fabrication department.

3D printing goes off-road

19 Mar 2021 by Engineering Capacity

Prodrive took 3D printing to the desert to produce parts to keep its Dakar rally cars in the running.

Prodrive has a long history in motorsports, competing and winning its first event, the Qatar International Rally, in 1984. Since then, Prodrive has been unstoppable, winning a multitude of titles across a wide range of motorsport disciplines.

Novel air suspension expansion

19 Mar 2021 by Engineering Capacity

Carbon Air, a British materials company, is planning significant growth of the applications for its ‘activated carbon’ air suspension technology following its successful use on thousands of current-generation Audi A6 and A7 models since 2017.

Focus on fuel cells

19 Mar 2021 by Engineering Capacity

Over £2m is being invested into developing a world class hydrogen fuel cell development facility in Coventry University, as the UK looks to lead the globe with electrified propulsion systems.

The Centre for Advanced Low-Carbon Propulsion Systems (C-ALPS), which works with a number of industrial partners, has pressed the button on work that will create a dedicated 100sq metre Hydrogen Fuel Cell lab and comprehensive upgrade of its powertrain cells for running with hydrogen fuel.