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Smart vending collaboration

09 Sep 2020 by Engineering Capacity

PP Control & Automation is collaborating on a manufacturing project for smart industrial vending systems.

It has sealed a deal with Solihull-based Inventor-e that will extend its partnership to make the most of £multi-million global opportunities to supply SmartStores Secure cloud-based technological innovation to customers around the world.

Green agenda for growth

09 Sep 2020 by Engineering Capacity

Creating a greener aerospace sector is key to the industry bouncing back from Covid-19 according to new research released today.

The second part of Protolabs’ Horizon Shift report, which involved aerospace business leaders from across Europe, reveals that more than three quarters of firms (77%) expect environmental credibility to become a key differentiator moving forward, whilst 72% indicate that new materials will be the driving force in lowering emissions and making flying cleaner.

New production lines

02 Sep 2020 by Engineering Capacity

Samuel Taylor Ltd (STL) is set to invest £100,000 in two new presses to support a new manufacturing project.

The metal contact specialist says that short-term market demand has been significantly reduced, but against this backdrop it is purchasing two new Chin Fong OCP45 stamping presses as part of a project that will see the introduction of two new production lines at its Redditch-based facility.

“These are unique times in business” says Sales & Marketing Manager Carl Siviter. 

110 years in the family

02 Sep 2020 by Engineering Capacity

South Shields-based Ford Engineering has remained in the same hands for more than a century and is celebrating its 110th birthday.

Today the Group is a global specialist in the high precision machining and pressing of parts and sub-assemblies for the aerospace, industrial, and other high-technology sectors and is headed up by the great-grandson of the original founder.

The company can trace its roots all the way back to 1910 – and a photograph of its founder, Robert Ford, remains proudly on display at the South Shields office.

Repair, recycle, innovate

02 Sep 2020 by Engineering Capacity

Waste management is a fundamental part of any business, but it can often be forgotten.

In many sectors of engineering, from civil engineering to electro-mechanical engineering, responsible waste management is of the utmost importance. After all, the waste produced by large engineering firms can be staggering, and potentially hazardous. As well as managing their own production waste in line with government regulations and environmental laws, it often comes down to engineering firms to work towards new, efficient waste-management solutions for everyone.