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Robot laser metal deposition

03 Nov 2020 by Engineering Capacity

ASCO can now offer a wider range of machining, coating and repair services following the installation of robot-based laser metal deposition and hard-facing system from CNC Robotics.

Shaking up battery testing

03 Nov 2020 by Engineering Capacity

In response to growing demand from the UK automotive industry for advanced battery safety testing, HORIBA MIRA has invested £1.5m in a new Large Climatic Vibration Laboratory and Battery Abuse Facility.

Electronics scholarships on offer

03 Nov 2020 by Engineering Capacity

Electronics undergraduates now have the opportunity to work with contract electronics manufacturer Jaltek via the UK Electronics Skills Foundation (UKESF) Scholarship Scheme.

The Scheme provides electronics undergraduates from UKESF Partner Universities with the opportunity to work with a member company, who will provide sponsorship and professional support to one or more successful scholars.

Metal printed plane spare

03 Nov 2020 by Engineering Capacity

Satair, an Airbus services company, has provided one of its airline customers in the US with what is believed to be the first certified metal printed flying spare part.

Engine supply chain order

03 Nov 2020 by Engineering Capacity

The Nasmyth Group has won a multi-million pound contract from Incora to manufacture machined components for new and aftermarket aerospace engine components across a range of platforms and including legacy engines.

The seven-year contract will be carried out by Nasmyth Bulwell team at its manufacturing facility in Pinxton, Nottinghamshire and Nasmyth Group’s manufacturing team in Asia.