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3D printing saving lives

20 May 2020 by Engineering Capacity

Mackart Additive, which specialises in the mechanical component design and 3D additive manufacturing, turned a consultant’s idea into a life-saving ventilator valve.

In early March, the government announced it was looking for businesses with the capability to support in the supply of ventilators and ventilator components, as part of its plan to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, now sweeping the UK.

£10.5m 3d print expansion

20 May 2020 by Engineering Capacity

Digital manufacturer Protolabs has started work on a £10.5m investment that will increase its 3D printing capability by 50% to meet the growing demand for this technology.

The company, which specialises in custom prototypes and low-volume production parts, is building a new 5000 square metre production facility in Putzbrunn in Germany that will give customers even greater access to the firm’s automated manufacturing processes and quality systems.

Streamlined customer service

20 May 2020 by Engineering Capacity

A streamlined and more accurate quoting process is ensuring a faster and more professional response to customers at Bedford CNC.

Work safer desk shields

20 May 2020 by

Vacuum forming specialist MHP Industries is manufacturing a desk shield that will help companies in their post-lockdown return to work.

The company designs and produces a multitude of products from plastics using different vacuum forming techniques. The new desk shield will help to reduce the spread of viruses, to protect staff and customers in offices, retail shops or customer service desks.

The Desk Shield has arms on either side so that it is free standing, which can be extended with the Arm Extension Pack so that all edges of the desk are covered.

Plastic Jesus and Laser Gnomes

20 May 2020 by Engineering Capacity

Street artist Plastic Jesus is working with job shop Laser Gnomes and PET material from Goodfellow to fabricate face shields for hospital staff

Plastic Jesus is a Los Angeles-based street artist best known for his bold “Stop Making Stupid People Famous” stencil art and biting Academy Award-themed installations. These days, however, he’s turning his attention to the urgent need hospital medical staff have for personal protective equipment (PPE), including face shields.