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Subcon partnership continues

09 Mar 2017 by Engineering Capacity

Sourcing specialist Qimtek has announced it will again support two key initiatives within the Subcon show – the Buyers Programme and a dedicated Qimtek UK Manufacturing Pavilion.

The partnership was launched at the Subcon 2016 event and proved to be a great success, bringing high-spending buyers to the show and helping them meet the suppliers who could meet their specific needs.

Quality assurance for rail welding

08 Mar 2017 by Engineering Capacity

The Coventry-based HTA Group has successfully achieved EN 15085-2 accreditation for welding on rail vehicles as part of the company’s long term commitment to the UK and European rail sector.

The accreditation is part of a six-month review and improvement of HTA’s quality systems to ensure that its operations meet the railway industry’s international standard for consistency and high quality in fusion welding.

Strong investment continues for Alpha Manufacturing

08 Mar 2017 by Engineering Capacity

Alpha Manufacturing is planning a £1m investment for the first few months of 2017 which follows a recent £1m installation of a STOPA automated storage system and Trumpf Trulaser 3030.

The latest investment will see the addition of a Trumpf Trubend 7000 cell to Alpha’s current Fold offering whilst a Trumpf TruPunch 5000 S12 machine will bolster Punch capabilities.

Transitioning to updated AS9100

07 Mar 2017 by Engineering Capacity

Bureau Veritas is urging all organisations to begin transition preparations for the update to the AS9100 Series aerospace industry standard.

This comes ahead of the 15 June 2017 deadline which states that all audits completed after then must be undertaken to the new version of the standard.

All organisations who are certified to the current standard will need to transition to the new version by 15 September 2018.

Technoset steps up its capabilities

06 Mar 2017 by Engineering Capacity

Aerospace component manufacturer, Technoset, has increased its manufacturing capabilities in order to move further up the industry’s tiered supply chain.

New Wogaard Coolant and Oil Saver units are playing a large part in helping to improve the bottom line and clean up operations at the company.

Kevan Kane, managing director, said: “Even at the high-end of sophisticated parts that we produce for our customers there is still a need to look for efficiencies and enhancements. We are under constant pressure to improve the operation of the business.”