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Big 5-axis capacity investment

21 Feb 2018 by Engineering Capacity

Bridgewater-based M-CNC is buying eight new machines that will allow it to cut 5-axis parts up to 2.5m long and 750mm diameter.

This is part of a £2.75m investment that the company says will see it offering unique advanced manufacturing capabilities in the South West

Specialising in the manufacture of high quality, high value components for aerospace, motor sport, chemical, oil and gas and leisure industries M-CNC is set to triple in size since its launch in 2011.

Lasers helping Britain’s Armed Forces

15 Feb 2018 by Engineering Capacity

ES Precision’s lasers are playing a small part in making life more comfortable for amputees and also in helping to celebrate the past and current service of our military community.

Bigger tools and new processes

14 Feb 2018 by Engineering Capacity

£250,00 of new investment at prototype, production tooling and plastic injection moulding company, RP Technologies includes machining centres, a custom-built hot plate welding machine and mould simulation software.

The investment ties in with RP’s ongoing growth and expansion plans and will increase the capacity and productivity in its West Midlands based facility, with additional services expanding its offering.

Irish aerospace industry keeps growing

14 Feb 2018 by Engineering Capacity

Ireland’s aerospace and aviation industry is now worth over €4.1bn to the Irish economy and growing faster than ever says Enterprise Ireland.

To put Ireland’s success into context, Irish lessors manage €80 billion in assets worldwide and today there are more than 250 companies actively involved in the aerospace, aviation and space sectors, providing employment for approximately 42,000 full-time workers.

It's not just about the money

14 Feb 2018 by Engineering Capacity

The UK’s manufacturing output hit its highest levels in ten years at the start of 2018. The nation’s headlines hailed this as a sign industry has turned a corner and put the economic crisis in the past. Rob McDermott, purchasing manager for steering system manufacturer Pailton Engineering, explains why this is the ideal time to assess your supply chain.