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Tube and sheet laser expansion

25 Jul 2017 by Engineering Capacity

ML Fabcuts has added laser tube processing to its subcontract waterjet and flat sheet cutting services.

Founded 14 years ago by Matthew Levett and his wife Maria, the Crayford-based company has built its success on offering a rapid response to customers’ needs. To be able to achieve this it kept a stock of various materials ranging from 0.7 mm up to 50 mm thick, and the result is an diverse customer base ranging from motorsport through the construction industry and signmaking sector to processing one-off commissions for artists.

Uprated inspection solves customers' problems

25 Jul 2017 by Engineering Capacity

Birmingham-based precision engineering firm, GB Precision has expanded the benefits it is obtaining from its toolmakers’ microscope by equipping it with a microscope camera which transmits the image from the microscope directly, in real time, to an attached PC screen.   

It is rocket science

20 Jul 2017 by Engineering Capacity

WEC Group’s engineering apprentices have put their new fabrication and machining skills to the test in order to manufacture major parts for a research space rocket.

Within just four weeks, WEC Group Training Academy apprentices fabricated a rocket propulsion system and fitted the rocket’s fin brackets which were cut at the company’s in-house waterjet division.

Proto-Labs' big machining investment

17 Jul 2017 by Engineering Capacity

Proto Labs, the Telford-based rapid prototyping and on-demand digital manufacturing service provider, has purchased 26 new CNC machines from HAAS Automation.

The company says the expansion reflects the level of innovation in industry and strength in UK manufacturing and that that it is in a key position to support manufacturing growth through the production of prototypes and low-volume production runs for businesses, designers and engineers across Europe. 

Inside info on photo etching

15 Jul 2017 by Engineering Capacity

Photo etching specialist Precision Micro has launched a new website that highlights the advantages of the technology over traditional sheet metal processes.