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Precision parts from additive process

16 Jan 2018 by Engineering Capacity

Specialist subcontract engineering company, GB Precision, has been transforming additive manufactured laser sintered parts into high precision tooling components at its Birmingham facility.

This is a development of work already being undertaken for a customer in the high-volume, high-precision packaging sector, which has been investigating the potential benefits of laser sintering as a way of reducing the number of tool components, improving cooling performance and therefore the price/performance of tooling overall.   

Good year for subcontracting but uncertainty ahead

16 Jan 2018 by Engineering Capacity

The latest Contract Manufacturing Index (CMI) figures show that the market for contract and subcontract manufacturing reached a new high in 2017 – but a poor fourth quarter pointed to uncertain times ahead.

The CMI for 2017 overall stood at 173, compared to a figure of 161 in 2016.

Machining represented 45% of the market in 2017, with fabrication at 46% and other processes, including contract electronic manufacturing, added up to 9%.

Weight calculator lightens the load

10 Jan 2018 by Engineering Capacity

Stainless steel, aluminium and mild steel supplier thyssenkrupp Materials (UK) has unveiled a dynamic online tool to guide its customers through the technical process of buying metal.

To help customers determine the quantity and price of the metal that they require, thyssenkrupp Materials has launched a variety of browser extensions including a Metal Weight Calculator, an easily-accessible and simple-to-use web app, for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Something's afoot in 3D printing

10 Jan 2018 by Engineering Capacity

High performance engineering solutions provider, KWSP, is leading a £750,000 project to streamline the production of foot orthotics, potentially resulting in a ‘while you wait’ service that could see tailored medical devices produced for patients within hours.

Funded in part by Innovate UK, the project will be led by KWSP, alongside experts from Newcastle University and advanced foot orthotics manufacturer, Podfo Ltd, who will deliver cutting-edge industry and academic insight to aid the development of this solution for clinicians.

Electronics: make or buy?

10 Jan 2018 by Engineering Capacity

Every growing company faces a quandary when it reaches a certain size – expand in-house production or outsource it to a reputable electronics sub-contractor. Steve Marshall, Managing Director of Offshore Electronics has good reasons for recommending the latter.

Successful electronic manufacturers typically start out by manufacturing their own products before experiencing growing sales and therefore, an expanding manufacturing operation.